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Real Cycler

What is Real Cycler

Real Cycler is our (SECI’s) latest charge-discharge power supply system. This is an efficient and high power factor system because it needs only 1/2 space for its power supply, yet mounts twice the number of channels compared to our conventional power supply system. Ultimately, a wide variety of powerful, accurate and sophisticated evaluation tests for secondary batteries are possible at surprisingly low cost.

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Product Features

Real Cycler can be used for charge-discharge tests for all kinds of batteries from single cells, modules to packs. We use our high-speed and high-frequency switching power supplies for Real Cycler. Therefore, stable, efficient and quality outputs are possible. In addition, with optional accessories, Real Cycler works as charge-discharge evaluation equipment, which can measure the ripple current superposition, pulse outputs and dynamic AC/IR.

Product Summary

・Efficient AC regenerative power supply (from 5V, 50V to 500V)
・Bidirectional PFC-mount AC regeneration power supply
・EMC countermeasures/ High-harmonic response/ Over 98% of power factor)
・0V discharge without using bias power supplies
・High frequency Tr isolation for each channel
・The most advanced and accurate system capability
・Accurate: Current accuracy + 0.05%
・High-speed response: Current response (0 to 95%) within 10msec
・Half the size and cost, but twice the power

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