Future charge-discharge test equipment to enable



In the smart gird technology which is expected to spread widely in the near future, secondary batteries (storage batteries) such as lithium-ion batteries can be used for a wide variety of purposes and applications including:

  • Converters: To efficiently store the different kinds of electric energies from the power plants of electric companies or solar power generation.
  • Electric vehicles which is cost-effective and eco-friendly
  • Charge station: To efficiently charge electric vehicles.
  • Storage battery installation to evacuation centers: To prepare against disaster
  • Movable power feeding cars: To prepare against disaster
  • Energy management including HEMS and BEMS: To efficiently use the electric energy from households or offices.

We can utilize our technology and know-how accumulated based on the charge-discharge inspection system to the above purposes or applications.

Future Development

Recently, as more and more manufacturers in the secondary battery industry are developing their batteries of next generation, we are also pushing ahead with the improvement of our technical specification to meet the ever more sophisticated needs of our customers. We, SoftEnergy Controls Inc. (SECI), will provide our customers with the safer and more advanced charge-discharge equipment which exceeds their expectations such that ultimately, we can contribute to society through our technology in creating energy for the future.